Thursday, January 13, 2011

A new Year and New Beginnings!

Well, we did it! We finished remodeling (I never thought it would be done) and we moved into our new space. We own it, so we should not have to move again! It is located at 26 Central Square, right in the middle of Bristol. There are so many new things coming up this year, not just a new space. I am retiring from teaching this June, after 20 wonderful years, and will be able to have the bakery open full time after that. We have expanded into a sit down coffee shoppe style place, where you can get freshly pressed juices, smoothies, lattes, as well as your favorite baked goods (regular or gluten free).

One of my big plans for this summer is to offer a Sunday brunch buffet, highlighting a different farm each week. This will keep everything fresh and delicious as well as helping out some people doing great things! Our deli opens on Memorial Day and will be downstairs overlooking the river. It will be a Boar's Head deli (they are always gluten free) and highlight their totally natural line. We will also offer an array of salads, homemade soups and vegan or vegetarian entrees.

People ask why so many different things, and I say that the cornucopia reminds me of plenty and variety and fresh food and that is what I want to being to people. Fresh food that will taste delicious, enhance their health and in an atmosphere that they will enjoy. Cornucopia cakes, Cornucopia Bakery, Cornucopia Catering, Cornucopia Deli...See the theme? Quality food and plenty of it. I hope to see you soon.